One Dozen Cake Pops

12 Cake Pop Package

We can put together cake pop arrangements based on whatever your vision is. If you don't know know what kind of cake pop arrangement you are looking for, we can create a custom arrangement of 12 cake pops, based on your style.

Below is a sample of some cake pop arrangements we've created in the past.

Vanilla with pink chocolate cake pops
Ice cream cone cake pops
Pink cake pops
Purple cake pops
Cake Pop Cover
Cookies and creme cake pops
Cake Pop 2
Chocolate and lemon cake pops
Assortment of cake pops
Cookies 'n creme cake pops
Yellow cake pops
Chocolate cake pops
Cake Pop 1
Cake pops on a platter
Cake pops on a cake stand

Dozen cake pops

Ordering cake pops by the dozen is quick and easy. Simply get in touch with us and start the conversation.

12 cake pops package

Whatever the event, our dozen cake pop package is sure to provide delight.

If you are looking for cake pops for a larger event, we can do different flavors and styles of cake pop packages to match what you're looking for.

The “Box of Pops” collection is perfect for a small gathering, to share with your coworkers on your birthday, or to send to a loved one as a “thinking of you” gift. The “Box of Pops” includes a dozen cake pops, of three different flavors. It’s easy to order multiple dozen boxes to feed a larger crowd. Choose from the following combinations:

“The Crowd Pleaser”              includes 12 Cake Pops: 4 Simply Vanilla, 4 Chocolate Cream, and 4 Rich Red Velvet

“Neapolitan”                           includes 12 Cake Pops: 4 Simply Vanilla, 4 Chocolate Cream, and 4 Very Strawberry

“Death by Chocolate”             includes 12 Cake Pops: 4 Chocolate Cream, 4 Cookies ‘n Cream, 4 Chocolate Peanut Butter

“Fresh Fruit”                           includes 12 Cake Pops: 4 Buttery Lemon, 4 Very Strawberry, 4 Orange Cream

“Cookies”                                includes 12 Cake Pops: 4 Cookies ‘n Cream, 4 Snickerdoodle, 4 Biscoff Cookie Butter

Unique features of the dozen cake pop package

This package includes 12 delicious, custom cake pops -- crafted according to your vision.

Flavors available

There's a wide variety of flavors that can be chosen from.

Every cake pop comes with a cake flavor and a chocolate flavor combination.

Ordering process

To get started, you can order cake pops for your next event by reaching out to Ryn's Bake Studio.

You can pick up your cake pop order in Lancaster, PA, or we can our cake pops nationwide.